High performance solution based on Amazon Graviton

BosiCloud is a cloud-focused hosting service provider, and also a senior consulting partner and global channel partner of Amazon Cloud Technology. Bosi has a senior technical core team with multiple certifications and rich experience in product development. The Bosi team is committed to creating and providing enterprise customers with leading Amazon cloud solutions and product services that meet market needs, building a safe, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective Amazon cloud platform, and accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises.

Since Amazon Cloud launched the AWS Graviton processor in 2020, the Bosi technical team has been paying attention to technical trends, further research and study on the arm architecture, and give full play to the advantages of Graviton: providing higher load performance, high cost performance, and a variety of server types applicable to a wide range of applications Business scenarios, compatible with other Amazon cloud products and services.

In addition to internal test research, practical experience has also been accumulated: For example, create a multi-architecture container image (Linux) based on Graviton. The server uses the M6g general-purpose processor, which has significant advantages in testing memory, disk IO, etc., and improves the performance of the workload of the entire architecture by 30%-40%; compared with EC2 instances with the same performance, Graviton-based instances can save more energy in cost, thus reducing costs. At the same time, the extensive software support and hosting advantages enrich the integration capabilities of the architecture and reduce the workload of operation and maintenance.

For example, a Graviton-based database instance. The Bosi team also found that AWS Graviton-based database instances are already compatible with databases such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon DocumentDB, and Amazon Elasticache. Graviton2 instances can provide up to 20% performance improvement and 35% price/performance improvement for Aurora, depending on the size of the database. Mix and match master or replica instances in the same cluster to maximize price and performance.

The Bosi team recommends customers to choose the Aurora database based on graviton first when migrating infrastructure to obtain higher cost performance. When customers switch from X86 architecture to arm64 architecture, they also need to assist customers in security design, compilation, construction and upgrade of servers, transformation of CICD process, monitoring and other operations. Through active communication and technical support with customers, we help customers smoothly switch to the Graviton platform based on arm64 architecture.